Art Multiples. Chicago: 3 Editions

March 2014 - Pulaski Field House
June 2014 - Square Roots Festival, Lincoln Square
October 2014 - Armitage St.

As a premise show, Art Multiples. Chicago sought to span the spectrum between visual art and craft, which are intimately connected yet often artificially separated by preconceived notions of social value. Modeled as a hybrid of the contemporary commercial art fair, critical craft markets and an exploration of visual art forms, Multiples. was an affordable option for contemporary artists and makers looking to expose their practice and sell their editions, replicated hand-made, found, vintage, or manufactured works by local Chicago and national artists. Cottage-industry crafters exhibited alongside artist-run visual artists, exposing each other to new perceptions of capitalism, market and conceptual art.

We included an array of creative sections that makers could apply to that took advantage of the various available spaces. A Bicycle Alley, a fully equipped Craft Kitchen, a walk-in wardrobe room, a comic-book & printed material cellar, a garden exhibition room and roof top for acoustic bands. We also hosted a panel discussion with experienced crafters, visual artists and School of the Art Institute of Chicago professors to discuss present art fair trends and challenges.