Work in progress, 2016 - 2017

After Winter, Before Spring (working title)
Drawing Collaboration between Christine Kirouac and Doug Smith
With generous support by Manitoba Arts Council

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Artists Kirouac and Smith are both bound to Winnipeg suburbs in different ways, it is this long-time connection that brings them together in their first collaborative body of work. After Winter, Before Spring will focus on Whyte Ridge, unique in that it is built beneath a natural geese migratory path, beside a protected bird reserve, and under the airport flight path, and so exists a forced interdependency between humans and natural systems.

Smith will explore concepts of urban geometry, geo-centric wind patterns, localized migration routes and the transition from inorganic planned housing areas evolving into something organic.

For Kirouac, Whyte Ridge sits at this point of tension between mundane and savage, contrary to the critical discourse around suburb developments thus far. Her graphite drawings of birds and foliage drained of color (indicative of the most difficult time of the year) exemplify the vulnerable, ominous, dramatic, and sublime qualities she is witness to.

This ultimate and timely exhibition/installation will expose the overlooked underpinnings of graphic poetry, uncertainty and dangerous beauty alive in these new outlying hybrid expansions today.