Verge Art Fair NYC, New York City

May 2014

Verge was originally the concept of founder Michael Workman and had previously run for five years. We returned it to Manhattan in 2014 for its fifth edition, concurrent with the UK art fair Frieze. We chose The Lofts at Prince Street in the bustling SoHo neighborhood and while smaller than other big fairs, hosted a tightly curated selection.

We observed a misconception that reputable galleries did not want to exhibit side by side with unrepresented artists, as it would diminish the gallery’s position. However, we encouraged independent artists to apply to our Tomorrow Stars and The Drawing Show open calls, with the shared understanding that representation was not the only benchmark of an artist’s success, and that great work is often overlooked due to this technicality. Verge NYC was able to successfully incorporate lesser known artists beside more established galleries with grace and synergy, creating relationships, questions and discourse.

Artist List:
Anicdote Projects, Chicago IL // Rai Alexandra, New York NY // John-Francis Bourke, New York NY // May/June Gallery, New York NY // Judith Modrak, New York NY // Joann Berman, New York NY // Melancholy Maaret, New York NY // Zack Lobdell, Stillwater NY // Living-Room Galley, Chicago IL // International Sculpture Center, Hamilton NJ // Regina Man, Chicago IL // Russel Perkins, New York NY // Mary-Kate Maher VA // Sam Jones, New York NY //

Drawing Show Section:
Chris Hefner, Chicago IL // Christine Kirouac, Winnipeg Canada, Leigh-Anne Hallberg, Winston-Salem NC // Doug Smith, Winnipeg Canada