April 2011

Receiverfest Time & Media Festival, Charleston SC
12 Hour Performance 12 Hour Time-Lapse Video with sound Canadian Time
[TRT – 4:00]

Canadian Time 2 builds upon a 2006 performance Kirouac underwent at the Rijksakademie (Netherlands) where she painted time signatures on the wall in the hours awaiting the results of her program eligibility. In 2011 she translates a similar, yet more pronounced set of circumstances in a performance executed at the Receiver Festival in Charleston, SC. Alluding to the twelve-hour drive from her home in North Carolina to the Canadian border, she marries painting and tragi-comic theater in a performance of equal duration. Simultaneously abstract and visceral, Canadian Time 2 bring life to the physical and psychological anxieties of statehood as Kirouac wrestles with the tenuous status of living as an “alien” in the U.S. under strict and at times nonsensical immigration rules.

Enclosed in a white cube, Kirouac painted the real time hours and minutes of her home city (Winnipeg, Canada) in red paint across a 22′ wall. After twelve hours of relentlessly painting (and painting over), her recording’s legibility yielded to an ominously dripping red mass. Once every hour she stopped to box with an adjacent wall for an intense three-minute round, in the end senselessly fighting a twelve-round match with an unmovable opponent. Leaving an equally violent, if cryptic recording of time on the wall, Canadian Time 2 translates intangible fears and measures from a loud, urgent presence, back to an abstraction.


Rijksakademie Collaboration and Performance with Farmer Mu

In June 2006 Kirouac travelled to the Amsterdam Netherlands for her interview at the Rijksakademie residency program. During the excruciating wait for the results, Kirouac and Southern Chinese artist in residence Farmer Mu, collaborated on a performance piece in the Rijksakademie Gallery. Kirouac recorded her private thoughts spanning the spectrum of doubt to agitation to excitement and back, in hot pink paint on the wall, while Farmer Mu paced back and forth in front of the camera videotaping them, jingling a set of multiple keys. Kirouac continued to layer words that translated her emotions, moment to moment over the same wall space. She continued until the results came to her several hours later, leaving only a solid dripping shape as her final mark.