Installation view
Video stills from Sentry


May 2007

Video Commission by Toronto Ireland Park Foundation

3-night projection, single-channel (MOS) [TRT – 7:00]

The Ireland Park Project is a site-specific video projection commissioned by the Ireland Park Foundation to commemorate the 160th anniversary of Irish famine immigrants arriving on the shores of Toronto in 1847. This video was projected for three nights at a scale of 50′ x 85′ on the wall of the Canada Malting Co. grain silos, which sit vacant and condemned along Toronto’s Batthurst waterfront.

The video Sentry is a silent, non-linear narrative combining an Irish past and present Irish famine descendants through four sections which blend cinematic and documentary elements. When projected upon a building that served as both symbol and site for these immigrants, a beacon-like work ensues; uniting personal and architectural identity.